Campaign Backgrounds

In the MARK OF THE FADE campaign, rather than the traditional way of choosing your race and class, and then finding a background to fit your character concept, your background become the foundation for your character and influences the race and class you choose.

Background Benefits

Just like in the “Backgrounds and Skills” packet, the backgrounds included here grant proficiencies, skills, a trait, and languages. However, these backgrounds differ from the playtest backgrounds in the following ways.

  • Skills: The skills included in the background are only recommended options. You can choose any other skill on the skill list. Likewise, you can either choose the recommended trait, or another from the playtest packet.
  • Languages: Some backgrounds grant the ability to speak, and sometimes read or write another language. Unlike in the public packet, this is the only way to gain additional languages.
  • Requirements: Some backgrounds lock you into a race or class choice. For example, if you choose the apostate mage background, you must take the mage class. Likewise, if you take the Dalish elf background, you must take the elf race. Some backgrounds have restricted races or classes. If you take the apostate mage background for example, you cannot choose the dwarf race. Likewise if you choose the Qunari beresaad background you cannot choose the mage class.
  • Suggested Race/Class: Each background that does not have a required race or class, has a suggested race and class. The suggestion represents an example of the type of person that would normally share that background,
    but you can choose another race and/or class if you wish.

Common Backgrounds

Exotic Backgrounds

Campaign Backgrounds

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