Campaign Classes

In Thedas, the ability to manipulate mana, the force that powers magic in the world, is a rare gift. Yet those mages who can perform this task are looked upon with suspicion. The classes in the playtest packet have been reviewed and adjusted to suit the tone of the MARK OF THE FADE campaign.

Class Changes

When choosing your character, be aware of the following campaign assumptions.

  • The cleric, druid, and mage are all considered to be mages for story purposes.
  • Any spell that controls or influences a creature’s mind is considered “blood magic,” and is illegal throughout Thedas.
  • The bard, paladin, and ranger’s Spellcasting class feature is no longer considered to be magical in nature, and are considered natural talents earned through training and/or natural ability.
  • The barbarian, fighter, and rogue are unchanged.
  • The monk class is inappropriate for the flavor of the campaign, so I would rather no one play it.


Multiclassing works as listed in the packet, but a character who multiclasses from a non-mage to a mage class (cleric, druid, mage), should come up with a good story reason for this newfound ability.

New Specializations

I’ve created two new specializations for campaign; Arcane warrior for the mage class, and reaver for the barbarian class.

Campaign Classes

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