Chasind Wilder


The Chasind are a fairly peaceful barbarian folk that live in the marshlands south of Ferelden known as the Korcari Wilds. Typically hardier, shorter, and stockier than Fereldans, the Chasind live in strange-looking huts build on stilts due to the instability of the ground, as well as for protection. The homes are connected by a series of planked walkways, from which a watchman typically looks out for approaching strangers. The Chasind have little use for money, dealing in barter instead, and do some trading with Fereldans living in the south.

The Chasind are a superstitious and animist people who paint their faces, and follow traditionally female shamans. According to Chasind legend, the shamans were taught this magic by the “Witches of the Wilds.” The witches are both loved and feared in these tales, and the tale of Flemeth, the greatest witch of the wilds, is celebrated among all of the Chasind tribes. The Chasind often fashion their weapons into the shapes of animals to confuse their gods, so that if they slay someone beloved by the gods, the gods might blame the animal instead.

The Chasind create hidden markers and signs in the arrangement of stones and rubble along the paths of the Wilds to mark trails, places of interest, or give warnings to those who know how to interpret them. To those outside the Chasind tribes, the markers look indistinguishable from a regular pile of stones.

Required RaceHuman
Suggested ClassRanger
Suggested TraitWanderer
Suggested SkillsAthletics, perception, stealth
ToolsNavigator’s Tools, poisoner’s kit

Chasind Wilder

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