Path of the Reaver

Reaver Features
3Blood Frenzy
10Sacrifical Frenzy

Blood Frenzy

While raging, each time you take damage, you gain a +1 bonus to damage rolls until the end of your next turn.


Beginning at 6th level, when you deal damage to a creature while you are raging, you can regain hit points equal to 1/4th of your hit point maximum. If you do so, you must complete a long rest before you can use this feature again.

Sacrificial Frenzy

Beginning at 10th level, when you are raging, you can choose to add an additional d6 to your damage rolls. If you do so, you gain vulnerability to all damage until your next turn.


Starting at 14th level, when you reduce a creature to 0 hit points while you are raging, you can move your speed for free, provided you end your turn adjacent to an enemy.

Path of the Reaver

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