Chasind Ranger, Played by Justin


Armor Class 15
Hit Points 12
Speed 30 ft.
Str 14 (+2) Dex 17 (+3) Con 14 (+2)
Int 10 (+0) Wis 15 (+2) Cha 9 (-1)
Alignment NG
Languages Trade Tongue
Signature Weapons Heavy Crossbow, Pike, 2x Short Swords, Bolas, Net


Dindi is a swamp-dwelling hermit ranger who lives on a house on stilts and has a killer bug collection from the Korcari Wilds.


Dindi is extremely superstitious, especially when it comes to animals, but has a strong respect for life in all forms. His most prized possession is his bug collection.


Dindi has a bug-collecting rival named Garina, with whom things have sometimes turned dirty. He has a fascination with Arinea, a “Witch of the Wilds,” who passed through his village and charmed/beguiled him.

Dindi had a shamanistic vision of Cash Money in which he heard the message “follow the one in gold,” but thinks Bartle is living the wrong kind of life, squirreled away in the ground and worshiping artifice.


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