Village conventional (mayor); AL N
GP Limit 200 gp; Assets 7,250 gp
Population 421
Type Isolated (98% human, 1% elf, 1% dwarf)
Elder Himmel Ormond, mayor (NG male human)
Mother Devi, revered mother (LE female human);
Ser Hayder, templar commander (NG male human)

Duskhollow is a village located in the Southron Hills area of the Brecillian Passage between Lothering and Gwaren, nestled between the border of the Brecillian Forest and the Korcari Wilds. An unexplained fire burnt the village’s chantry to the ground, and ever since then, strange occurrences have plagued the town. A rash of bandit attacks have scared off most traders from the area, forcing Gwaren to do much of it’s trading by sea, and cutting off a vital supply line to Lothering. Rumors of disappearances have run rampant through the village, though many blame claim the families just moved away.

Recent Developments

Recently the Chantry has sent the templar Ser Hayder to Duskhollow to oversee the rebuilding of the village’s chantry and to investigate the mystery surrounding the fire.

Locations of Interest

Duskhollow is a small village with little of importance. The chantry, which was unusually large for the village’s size once stood at the center of town, but it is now just a charred rubble. The largest building still standing is the Burning Mabari Inn, and the town has only a single General Goods store, where travelers can buy supplies.

The Burning Mabari Inn

This large wooden inn is located near the village center, and is its largest building since the burning of the chantry. It has a connected corral and stable. The eaves of the roof are decorated with carvings of mabari hounds popular in Fereldan art and the exterior was painted white at one time, but time has worn much of the paint off. A sign hangs from the door that features a snarling dog wreathed in flames. Since the burning down of the village’s Chantry, the inn’s proprietor Beswill has let Mother Devi hold services here.

Notable NPCs
  • Ser Hayder. Templar commander sent to investigate the burning down of the village’s chantry and oversee its reconstruction.
  • Beswill. Owner and operator of the Burning Mabari.
  • Clara. Beswill’s wife and bar maiden.
  • Mother Devi. The town’s spiritual leader since the Revered Mother died in the chantry fire.
  • Molla. Mother Devi’s tranquil assistant.
  • Felixo Hobbe. Antivan merchant travelling through Duskhollow.

Chantry Ruins

The village’s chantry, which once stood at the center of the town, is now nothing but charred rubble. All who witnessed the blaze on the night of the fire have died, gone missing, or remained mysteriously silent on the matter. Ser Hayder has been tasked with investigating the cause of the fire and overseeing the building’s reconstruction.

General Store

This large wooden building has many shuttered windows and bears a sign painted with a wolf and a wheel of cheese. The building has a large warehouse containing animals, saddles, and crates of mundane goods.

Notable NPCs
  • Nira. A short, shrewd woman who owns the store.
  • Gerol. A tall, burly man usually accompanied by two his mabari hounds, Lug and Morf.


A rustic abode next to an open shed which houses a huge forge and bellows. Outside the shed hangs a sign hangs an oversized horseshoe from a simple wooden post, designating the location as the local smithy.

Notable NPCs
  • Roth. The town’s blacksmith, who recently left his wife for his mistress.
  • Eris. The blacksmith’s mistress and live-in-girlfriend.

Ormond’s Estate

A large estate on the east side of town of fairly utilitarian design is the home of Himmel Ormond. Himmel Ormond does not allow visitors without appointment, but the growing trouble in the town has caused him to regularly seek spiritual guidance from Mother Devi, and thus, can often be found in the Burning Mabari Inn.


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