Campaign Guidelines

To create a character appropriate to the DRAGON AGE setting, use the rules from the D&D NEXT playtest packet with the following modifications.

  • Ability Scores: Use the “Customizing Ability Scores” rules when determining ability scores.
  • Backgrounds: Select your background from the Campaign Backgrounds. Do so before choosing race and class, as some of the backgrounds have racial and class restrictions.
  • Races: Use the Campaign Races in place of the playtest packet when choosing your race.
  • Classes: Refer to the Campaign Classes before choosing your class. Many classes have been altered to fit the setting.


You should create a strong motivation for your character that explains why they are adventuring. You should also create one or two NPCs from your background that can appear over the course of the adventure. These NPCs can be friends, enemies, or rivals.

Ties and Contrasts

Each character will also have to choose one tie and one contrast to another character in the party. When we meet for character creation, each player will take turns choosing a preexisting positive relationship with one of the other players, followed by choosing a minor source of conflict with another player.

Campaign-Specific Rules

Campaign Guidelines

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