Village conventional (mayor); AL NG
GP Limit 200 gp; Assets 7,250 gp
Population 725
Type Isolated (96% human, 3% elf, 1% dwarf)
Elder Miriam, mayor (NG female human)
Revered Mother, revered mother (LG female human);
Ser Bryant, templar commander (NG male human)

Lothering is a village north of Ostagar, located on The West Road. Historically, Lothering arose on a crossroads of the Imperial Highway, being a little more than a trading post serving the fortress of Ostagar to the south. In present times, however, it supplies goods to Redcliffe Village and the community of merchants and surface dwarves in the Frostback Mountain Pass. In time, the settlers became self-sufficient through mills and farmland. Lothering has a modest presence of the Chantry and their templars. Elder Miriam is the leader of the village.

Dane’s Refuge Dane’s Refuge is a tavern located in the village of Lothering. The proprietor is a man named Danal. A merchant named Barlin often uses the tavern as his place of business.
Lothering Chantry The Lothering Chantry is one of the largest buildings in Lothering and is located in the center of the village. It is led by the Revered Mother, and Ser Bryant commands the templars stationed there.


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